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Prohibido Centro Cultural - Cuenca, Ecuador

La Condamine 12-102, Cuenca, Azuay

Prohibido Centro Cultural

This art center is located on a quiet street in colonial central Cuenca, overlooking the Tomebamba river. At first glance it appears as simply a brightly colored storefront, but if you look closely you will see tiny faces carved into the cobblestones in the sidewalk and the stones beside the doorstep. Two totem pole guardian figures in the entrance prepare you for the riot of gargoyles and anthropomorphic architecture you will see when stepping through inside.

The Prohibido Centro Cultural is the primarily the work Eduardo Moscoso and functions as a showcase for his paintings and sculptures, includes a small museum of erotic and other 'prohibited' art, and a cafe hangout for local youths (and occasional concert venue for heavy metal bands). Sr. Moscoso is a prolific artist, and his hand is evident on every wall, floor and ceiling of the center. Look for figural steps and benches in the cafe made from concrete and animal bone. A spiderwebbed skylight illuminates the stage area surrounded by log carvings of skulls and phalluses. The darkened cafe is quite cozy with low benches and niches in the stucco walls for small sculptures. Be sure to visit the uniqe bathroom in the back courtyard by the museum.

Hours of the Prohibido Centro Cultural

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