Gallery of Pancakes - 3

2 Pancakes, 1 Egg + Meat
The Overlook Restaurant
Leavenworth, Indiana

Hot Cakes
Liberty Restaurant
Liberty, Indiana

2 Pancakes, 1 Egg + Meat
Davis Restaurant
Markle, Indiana

Short Stack
Liles 801 Restaurant
Michigan City, Indiana

One Egg, Hashbrowns & Pancakes
Eva's Pancake House

Muncie, Indiana

Family Style Breakfast
Colony Inn
Amana, Iowa

Smokey in a Blanket
Mary Sue's Patriotic Cafe
Davenport, Iowa

Plaza Restaurant
Ottumwa, Iowa

Two Cakes
The Grille Cafe
Spirit Lake, Iowa

Three Stack Buttermilk Pancakes
My Old Kentucky Home Restaurant
Bardstown, Kentucky

Pancakes & Homefries
Grandma's Country Kitchen
Beaver Lick, Kentucky

The Husky
Jerry's Restaurant
Cave City, Kentucky

Two Small Pancakes
Louie's Cafe
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Breakfast Special
Betsy's Pancake House
New Orleans, Louisiana

Short Stack
Milam Street Cafe
Shreveport, Louisiana

Homemade Blueberry Pancakes
Jordan's Restaurant
Bar Harbor, Maine

Essex Deli & Grill
Boston, Massachusetts

Henry's Diner
Boston, Massachusetts

Pancakes & Homefries
AOK's Coffee Shop
West Springfield, Massachusetts

Pancakes (3)
Dalla's Restaurant
Iron Mountain, Michigan

Mackinac Special
Pancake House
Mackinac Island, Michigan

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