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November 20 - Exceeded our alloted 10MB of disk space. Enteract removed the Build Your Own Chicago website and several museum exhibits without warning us. We have restored the Pancakes Across America and Build Your Own Chicago free models pages to new locations, and hope to have the others pages back within a few days. Please bear with us.

October 29 - Added the entire text of the Rat Patrol Manifesto to the Rat Patrol website. as well as several other new items.

October 22 - Added new graphics to Rat Patrol website.

October 15 - Added the new Ohio House downloadable model to Build Your Own Chicago pages.

October 11 - Updated Explore Your Neighborhood, links to travel and adventure websites.

August 30 - Added write-up of a Labor Day Chicago River Expedition to the Field Trips page.

September 24 - Round 6 results added to the Root Beer Showdown.

August 30 - Added a guest book to Rat Patrol website.

August 29 - Added write-up of L Day a marathon Chicago train ride to Field Trips page. Jim Moore pinpointed the location of the mysterious Netart's Rocks in the Stone Faces Gazetteer. At last an update of new stone faces and new museum acquisitions.

August 8 - Added another item from the collections to the online archives, a chart of "Domestic Rodents and Cockroaches: Pictorial Key to Droppings."

August 5 - Moved Rat Patrol pages to a new website: www.geocities.com/RatPatrolHQ and added more photos to The Bike of the Month Club.

July 24 - Added sketch of pancake seen through the window of Urban Dream Capsule in Chicago to Pancakes Across America galleries.

July 23 - Exciting new feature added to Root Beer Showdown: a downloadable Home Testing Kit for readers to try out their own root beer taste test at home.

July 18 - Added online instructions for Bahai Temple and Wrigley Building postcard models.

July 16 - Added Round 5 root beer taste-test data to the Root Beer Showdown on Field Trips page.

July 2 - Pancakes Across America is featured as the weekly "Weird Web" item in Earthlink.net newsletter.

May 22 - Added Round 4 root beer taste-test data to the Root Beer Showdown on Field Trips page.

May 18 - Added ordering information for Bahai Temple, Wrigley Field and Orange and Blue Line Elevated Train postcard models.

April 11 - Added new stone faces to Stone Faces Gazetteer contributed by Jim Moore and Guy Worthey.

March 29 - Added scans of a strange elephant painting from the Museum collections to the archives page.

March 23 - Added Round 3 root beer taste-test data to the Root Beer Showdown on Field Trips page.

March 13 - Long overdue update to the Site Map to include new museum pages and references.

March 7 - Added new feature to Rat Patrol pages: The Bike of the Month Club.

February 7 - For the first time in nearly four years, added new pancake sketches to reformatted Pancakes Across America galleries! Look for more re-scanned and new sketches in the future.

February 1 - Added Great American Root Beer Showdown, a museum sponsored research experiment, to the Field Trips page.

January 25 - Added Stone Faces Gazetteer, a database of stone faces across the country, to the archives.

January 9 - Added movie and bike rodeo feature to reorganized Rat Patrol pages.

January 5 - Added page to order books from Wurlington Brothers Press. Also added sample pdf files to preview each book.

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