Minnesota Museum of the Mississippi and other Natural Wonders

Explore Your Neighborhood

The American Landscape

The Center for Landscape Use Interpretation
A database of interesting modern land uses.

The Sacred Landscape
Hidden meanings underlie the visible landscape.

Interesting Ideas
A collection of folk art environments, road signs, and rants and raves.

Lost America Photo Gallery
Colorful night-time photos of abandoned western landscapes.

Curiosities Along the Road

Lucy the Elephant
Photos of the famous Atlantic City landmark.

Minnesota's Roadside Architecture
Guide to the many roadside sculptures of Minnesota.

The Society for Commercial Archeology
Devoted to the study of the 20th-century commercial landscape.

Muffler Man Homepage
From Roadside America.

World's Largest Roadside Attractions
A caring tribute to these preposterous sculptures.

American Highway Project
Photographs documenting vanishing highway Americana.

Online Guides for Your Next Expeditions

Road Food.com
Jane & Michael Stern's comprehensive forum of roadside dining.

Road Trip USA
Website based on popular guidebook.

Diner City
A guide to diners across the country.

Roadside Peek
Photo tours of googie architecture, neon and vintage signage.

Motel Americana
Tour the country from one quaint motel to another.

Roadside America
Website contains even more bizarre Americana than the popular guidebook.

Motels of the Southwest
Even more motels, this time focused on the Southwest.

Recent Earthquakes in the US
Seismic activity across the country. Check this often.

Travelogues and True-Life Adventures

Bike the World
A well-written and entertaining account by Ian Burns.

Ten Thousand Miles of America
Photos of a two-year bicycle circumnavigation of the U.S.
(watch out for pop-up ads)

Action Squad Adventurers
Intrepid explorers go underground in Minneapolis.

Dark Passage
Enter the subways and tunnels of New York