Johnson's Rock Garden - Hendricks, Minnesota

Johnsons Rock Garden

Edwin "E.C." Johnson moved to Hendricks in about 1905 and married Gina Knutson, the daughter of a local farmer. From the 1910s to 1940s he had a successful career as a farm implement dealer in town.


E.C. Johnson (1875-1955). Source:

At some point he began decorating his house at the corner of Park and Hobart Streets with large and small stones and built a rock garden next door. As seen in the postcard image, the garden was enlosed by a circular wall. The gateposts look as if they were made of round river cobbles, while the wall was perhaps made later from larger rough stones with a lighter-colored concrete mortar. A rock-encrusted turnstile suggests that Johnson may have charged a donation to visitors, or wanted the perception of an entry gate. Inside the wall, several standalone rock and concrete creations are clustered in the middle of a grassy lawn. A narrow pyramid about four or five feet high is topped with a chrome gazing ball. A shorter circular tower may be a small lighthouse. On the grassy area to the right inside the wall are several towers supporting what look like bird houses. On the left, there may have been a patio with an outdoor grill or fireplace.

The garden was likely dismantled after E.C. passed away in 1955 and Gina in 1957.