the 45th Parallel

Small Tower and Meditation Room

Adjacent to the Mountain, a more refined stone construction rises. The smaller of the two towers on the site at about 30 feet in height, this square building features cut stone walls and decorative fluted window lintels, perhaps remnants of some art deco building. In the photo above, we see a few of the many granite cores used in the constructions at the Molehill.

Attached to the base of the tower, a squat underground room is known as the Meditation Room. Four arches and four porthole windows look out on the garden just above the greenery. The Meditation Room was once entered by a door at the south end (far side in photo), but recent additions to the house have filled in this area, so that the underground room now appears to be connected to the house basement, while the house entryway above has expanded to within inches of the back of the small tower.

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