North American Wildlife Museum, Coram, Montana

A small museum in the rear of a gift shop, this appears to be the trophy room of a professional taxidermist, showing off some prime examples of his handiwork. It includes a few fine bear mounts (all three rearing and snarling at each other, of course), mountain goats, moose, lynx, birds and smaller mammals placed in front of simple naturalistic backdrops. The taxidermy displayed represents many of the wild animals of the high country such as Glacier National Park nearby. Altogether the museum is a pretty straightforward, somewhat predictable, and not as large or extensive as the name of the establishment might suggest.

North American Wildlife Museum

Notable display: "Locked Moose Antlers"

"These are exceedingly rare. We know of only five other sets on the continent. Dave Iverson, who found that antlers did not realize what he had stumbled onto while hunting in the North Fork Drainage of the Flathead River. When he found out, it took him quite some time to relocate them. These evenly matched bulls must have had a horrible end, though it is possible that they may have died mercifully quickly from their frantic exertions to escape. We tried to separate the antlers without success."

Highway 2
Coram, Montana
Open Memorial Day to Labor Day 9am-6pm
Open September to October 10am-6pm
(406) 387-4018
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