Dickeyville Grotto

Holy Ghost Tree

Following the walk around the back of the Grotto of the Blessed Virgin, we pass small niches dedicated to the fruits of the Holy Spirit. The rear of the grotto is entirely covered by a tall mosaic representation of the Holy Ghost Tree. A large piece of petrified wood serves as the trunk of the tree, while the branches end in vivid glass flowers and the names of the twelve fruits of the holy spirit: Faith, Peace, Chastity, Mildness, Long Suffering, Patience, Joy, Charity, Goodness, Benignity, Continency and Modesty.

On the opposite side of the walk, there are small niches of colored glass set into the rough stone walls. There is a small statue in each, for the twelve apostles, St. Paul and Joseph. In the photo, bright orange colored glass surrounds St Joseph with a small plaque reading "St. Joseph Pray For Us" below a huge seashell.

Opposite the Holy Ghost Tree, at the tallest point of the rock wall, a larger niche contains the Grotto of Christ the King, where a statue of Jesus with gold crown stands atop glass roses and two lambs within a bathtub-shaped shrine.

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