Fragments of an Earlier World

Stone Faces Spotted by Readers

Chris Grohusko is a photographer and astronomy buff living in El Paso, Texas who writes:

"Please tell me what you think of this human facial profile in a mountain peak in the Cornudas Mountains of Southern New Mexico. I took the shot at 1am under moonlight for 60 seconds on Fuji Provia 400 film with a 28mm lens and tripod. It is basically fully illuminated, so it's not a play of shadow. I have been broadcasted for this situation of the profile on my local NBC affiliate KTSM-TV and I am a previously published photographer with contracts including National Geographic, Popular Photography, Astronomy Magazine, Texas Highways, and the Associated Press.

...I guess I will call it 'Stone Age Head Mountain'—officially it is known as Cornudas Peak, a Butterfield Trail Stagecoach Stop, 30 miles East down Hwy 62/180 from the El Paso International Airport to the Border Patrol checkpoint, and then approximately 50 miles North down Pinon Road into the interior of the wide open, albeit "easily driveable, cleared county road" desert.

Do you consider my image to be the best of these mountain face cases? Do you know of anything that is of a better impressiveness/quality than my image? Please let me know. Do you consider the details in my mountainface to be unusual and the first of their kind? That is, does my image have some of the finest degree of detail, symmetry, and proportion given that there are intricacies in the eyelid area, eyebrow, cheekbone, lips, chin, cheeks?"

Chris Grohusko
El Paso Texas

Jim Koeppe writes:

"this was found in the adirondack mountains on rocky point near the town of inlet"

Ted Werth writes:

"I was looking at your webpage (found via Google) after seeing what looks like the face of an Indian upon returning from a backpacking trip in Oregon.  I can't seem to find any reference to it on the internet and was surprised as my wife and I both commented on the formation at the same time when looking at the pictures I had taken.

I have attached a copy of the photo.  Have you heard of this before?  It is in the Eagle Cap Wilderness in NE Oregon.

Ted Werth"

Troy Dickerson writes:

"I have a large amount of pic. of them ..Have just finished my will not believe this but the bloodline that built these face's on earth also built them on other planets..can prove without a doubt..In 1kings 8:15 you will see the Lord set up a kingdom,and fulfilled with his hand...other wise the face is a region,and in that region the engravening is of David's look at st.Luke 9:51 Jesus hurried the engraver to set it for Jereusalem..see it was so everybody knew who you are, and where you are from. Homeland security if you will..I have alot to share,but first you must know how I know all this..please look at the pictures..and with the info. I just gave ..My hand is a map of the whole region of David, look close this not a joke...I can show you where you can pick-up ancient artifacts all day...let me know.."

Algis Kemezys is a filmmaker and photographer who has documented many stone faces on Crete and in the Laurentian forests just north of Montreal. He writes:

"...I listen to legends, read revelations, pray to Gaia and return to Crete and actually make communication with what is the MUSE of Crete of the ancient Atlantians all through this certain rock. In our contact they give me images of Poison, neptune, Hercules and atlas, Mickey Mouse, Zeus, Artimis and many many more.

I return back to the Laurentians and find powerfull faces and everyone is too amazed, I ask to see and they let me find them.I produce several major finds in front of people and actually have another miracle on my hands with nature giving me rocks with faces.

Back to Crete, the earth is alive it can respond this is my belief. Once upon a time the world was living flesh and something diabolical rendered it what appears to be dead.

I believe there are powerfull places where these things occur at a greater frequency. I can alsmost go anywhere and do alot with very little. I would call myself a Geomancer and dowser.

...I ask all kinds of questions to the Crete rocks and it draws me and leads me to see and find great things. All in fun of coarse but when you think about it:s meaning that that is maybe why Hawains scarificied directly to the lave and others becaus they remember when the earth was alive. These laces you amaze and are so much what seems to draw me."

Sincerely yours
Algis Kemezys

Algis' Stone Face Photo Gallery

Lew Fink writes:

"This was looking up at me in a deep woods stream below mt. Mitchell N.C.

Can you tell me anything about this and any value that may be put on it...or if not your area, can you direct me to the proper source?

Thanks much..."

Lew Fink
Charleston SC

Newton Rickenbach of Phoenix writes:

"Dear sir, I have hundreds of digital photo's taken across the South Western States, all of stone faces and figures. (my favorite subject) I refer to them as "The Guardians" because each seems to have a given place to which they keep watch over for all time.

...Yes sir, your friendly neighborhood "Joe Rockhead" at your service! My current reside is Phoenix Arizona since 1978 from the frozen tundra of Western PA greater Pittsburgh area. This AZ Desert Rat is also an explorer, prospector, outback photographer, artist, musician, historian and part time poet.

I use luck and an uncanny knack of capturing Mother Earth's "living stone art", often in the most unexpected places. These wonderful stone entities can appear anywhere and any time they please so one must be always at the ready, camera in hand or close by.

...Nature’s incredible pallet includes her enchanted shadow brush. Rocks and ridges transform to life with the passing of shadows. Some stones will transform right before your eyes! A rock now has a face, where only a moment prior there was nothing.

They can be fleeting, visible for just a few minutes when the sun is at the proper angle, then just as sudden gone leaving no trace they ever were there. Several stone faces /heads stand proud and tall right here in the middle of the big city. They are in plain sight and visible from the Phoenix freeway as you cross the “Valley of the Sun” I call these stone friends “The Guardians” because so many of them seem to be watching or guarding some thing or place that only they know. They can be found on almost every high ridge, rocky mesa edge, or mountain. It is most uncanny, and it is almost without fail! To find them you must look to the places they dwell. Remember, do not just look randomly; you must learn to seek the right place, look always high up, to lofty rocky ridge, mountaintop or cliff edge. These are the places they dwell and watch from, so seek out those places and you will see them.

“The Guardians” Mother Earth's enchanted stone sentinels watching and waiting for all time!"

Kind Regards,
Newton "Tall Bear" Rickenbach
Carver of the Ruins