Mollie Jenson

Yard Decorations

Mollie Jenson's Zoo

After building the Windmill sculpture, Mollie Jenson beautified her farm yard with several smaller sculptures. In the front yard she dug a small pond for goldfish and water lilies, and built a wooden Ferris wheel of planter boxes.

In a more secluded area behind the house she built a rock garden and added a few miniature houses and tiny paths for imaginary little visitors.

A nearby birdbath incorporated beads and shells and ceramic birds which are possibly salt and pepper shakers.

Out front near the Windmill, she built a large raised flower planter made of flagstone and rugged rocks. At the center is a "Flying Saucer" whirligig made plates or bowls attached to pipes. Though the planter is not very old in the photo below, it has sadly already devloped a large crack in the side.

Photos courtesy Richard Moldenhauer

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