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It is a real pleasure to give you this fascinating booklet about Taxidermy. It explains the many facets of this amazing art and how we teach it with great success by our correspondence course.

We believe you will find this booklet not only interesting but that it will open your eyes to the tremendous pleasures possible in what has been called the "World's Finest Hobby."

To you and any members of your family who may become interested in learning the art of Taxidermy, we offer the following on our shcool and its qualifications.

1. We teach Taxidermy in all its branches in the home by correspondence courses and lessons.

2. The success of our courses has been proven by the test of time. The Northwestern School of Taxidermy was established in 1903, and has been in continuous operation teaching Scientific Taxidermy ever since.

3. More than 500,000 students from nearly every country in the world have enrolled in our school and enthusiastically endorse the high quality of our instuction and the interest and service given them.

4. Ours is a school for nature-lovers, sportsmen, and outdoor people. Its teachings bring tremendous pleasure and self-satisfaction (as well as financial rewards) to those who learn this fascinating art.

5. The School is world-wide in its influence. It numbers among its patrons men of international renown, famous sportsmen, artists, colleges, museums and governments. Its students range from farm boys ato congressmen, And, the art of Taxidermy isn't restricted to men - many women have successfully completed our course!

6. The high standards of our lessons and simplicity and clearness of their presentation enable us to pledge complete and thorough satisfaction to all students who complete the course.

The First National Bank of Omaha will furnish references as to the reliability of the School and the ability and character of its directors.

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Copyright 2012 Matt Bergstrom. Text Copyright Northwestern School of Taxidermy