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Care of Specimens in the Field

This is a very important and basic subject for every sportsman, trapper and collector of specimens.

Our lessons teach you exactly how to remove the hides from all kinds of animals so they will be in the best condition for mounting. We tell you how to treat these hides so they keep well and so that the hair or plumage will not be damaged.

Thousands of fine trophies of deer, bear, elk and other game-heads, as well as smaller hides, are ruined each year by the hunters when removed -- or not given the right care to reach the taxidermist in good condition for mounting. If specimens are to be sent to a Taxidermist, they should be handled properly for the best results. Our lessons teach the correct methods for caring for all kinds of specimens. You need this important information.

Mounting Pets

Nearly every family has a favorite pet such as a cat, dog, or parrot to which they have become attached and would like to have preserved when it dies. By knowing Taxidermy, and often from personal knowledge of the pet . . . you can preserve such specimens just as they were in life.

Taxidermy Gifts

Few gifts have greater appeal for either young or old than Taxidermy creations.

Game specimens for the sportsman's den, Craft-Taxidermy for the home or office . . . Novelty Taxidermy items are easily and inexpensively prepared. And, all who receive such gifts for birthday or holiday presents will prize them and enjoy them indefinitely. There is nothing so personal as something you created yourself . . . and nothing quite so unique and fascinating as a product of the Taxidermists' Art!

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