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Alfred V. Burkley A personal message from
Alfred V. Burkley, President
Northwestern School of Taxidermy

I want to tell you personally how pleased we were to receive your request for this booklet about Taxidermy.

I hope you will read it carefully, because in it we explain all the details of how we teach this fascinating art by mail to students all over the world.

I maintain that Taxidermy is the greatest hobby of them all. It rewards those who master it with pleasure and satisfaction. It can also bring financial reward for those who wish to do Taxidermy work for others.

If you hunt or fish, or love the outdoors, Taxidermy will double your pleasure from these interests.

Read all about our school, read some of the letters from students and what the course has meant to them. I'm sure you will want to get started in this fascinating hobby.


Alfred V. Burkley

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