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Another interesting facet of Taxidermy with both Pleasure and Profits!

Here's the FUN department in Taxidermy Art. Its called Novelty Taxidermy.

It is purely a sideline to regular wild-game and Craft-Taxidermy. Perhaps it won't appeal to you, but thousands of our students, especially boys, think that Novelty Taxidermy can't be beat for an amusing hobby . . . and one with tremendous possibilities.

You Can Use Common Specimens

Novelty Taxidermy is the mounting of common specimens in amusing "human" poses. Rabbits, frogs, squirrels, and baby chicks make excellent subjects for this type of Taxidermy work. The specimens are preserved and mounted just like in regular Taxidermy . . . except that the imagination of the student can create hundreds of droll and amusing situations in which to pose his subjects. Backgrounds and miniature furniture can be created or adapted from children's toys.

Creations Fascinate Viewers

When the "Rabbit Family" Group shown on this page was used in a store window display by one of our students, it virtually stopped traffic! Every passerby was captivated by this unique and amusing novelty group. The store owner was amazed at its appeal and paid the student a good rental for the use of the display. Sporting-goods stores, taverns, billiard parlors, drug stores, barber shops . . . in fact almost any type of store is a prospect to rent or buy such displays. Novelty Taxidermy has the broadest application for commercial display uses of all the fields of Taxidermy.

Low Cost . . . High Value

To the student with imagination, these intriguing Novelty Taxidermy groups can be created for only a few cents in materials. You can use doll furniture, doll clothes, and tiny accessories can be created out of wood, plastic or leather. The only other investment is your time . . . and you'll enjoy every minute of that!

This lesson comes to our students as another part of our course in teaching the art of Taxidermy. It is only one of the many applications of the Taxidermy skill.

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